St. Valentine's Day
Yesterday we celebrated St. Valentine's Day - and truly speaking we love this day very much, it is one of our favorites! Everybody is so attentive and caring that it seems that it is the day of th..
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Our professional holiday today: International Day of Marriage Agencies!
12th of February - very quick and very unexpectedly (time goes quicker and quicker these days...) - our professional holiday today: International Day of Marriage Agencies! SO we want to congratulate a..
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Our walking tour in Kiev last weekend.
Hello guys! Last weekend we had a wonderful winter weather and an interesting tour in the city center of Kiev - in Old Town. In brief it was like this: we have seen the Golden Gate (came inside and wa..
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Individual Tour to Pochaiv Lavra in January 2018
Hello guys, Last week there was a nice trip with one of our client and he allowed us to share some photos from there :) As you know the main religion in Ukraine is Christianity (Orthodox) and we have ..
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Our Italian business partner
Beginning of the year is an important time in every business when you make the schedule, goals and desires for the year. So in the beginning of the year our Italian business partner Natali visited our..
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Happy New Year!
21st of December 2017 we wrote it in our facebook page ( so we would like to copy it here as well (it is better later than never:)))) The New Year is coming..
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