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4 Shevchenko Lane, office 28
+38 050 333-65-46

Monday-Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday, Sunday: upon request

01001 Kiev, Ukraine



Arranging one introduction – 100 USD,  read more HERE

Matchmaking package (5 meetings) – 450 USD,  read more HERE

Matchmaking tour – 560 USD,  read more HERE

Personal tour – 180 USD per day (5 days minimum),  read more HERE

Renting an apartment – starting from 60 USD per night,  read more HERE

Airport pick up/drop off – 30 USD,   read more HERE

Airport pick up and drop off – 50 USD,   read more HERE

Translation (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc) –  20 USD per hour,  read more HERE

Sending a letter (including translation and 3 photos) – 10 USD,  read more HERE

Gifts (without delivery charge) – starting from 8 USD,  read more HERE

Individual tour around Kiev (2, 3, 4, hours excursions; entrance tickets included) – 20 USD per hour

Individual driving tour around Kiev (2, 3, 4 hours excursions; entrance tickets included) – 25 USD per hour

Personal assistant in Kiev – 190 USD per day

English lesson – 25 USD per lesson (60 minutes, working materials and text books are included)

Video chat by skype (up to 45 min) – 100 USD,  read more HERE

Phone conference call (up to 15 minutes, translation is included) – 50 USD,   read more HERE

Invitation letter and voucher for one entrance visa (for Australia, India, Egypt, New Zealand)  – 80 USD

Invitation letter and voucher for one entrance visa (for American countries e.g. Ecuador; Malaysia) – 110 USD

Newspaper ad, creating your personal web site and advertise it for 2 weeks in the newspaper and on-line– 80 USD,  read more HERE

Putting add at our web site (Russian web for the girls with the information about our agency and recommendations etc) (with your personal contact information) - 50 USD per month (3 months minimum),  read more HERE

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