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4 Shevchenko Lane, office 28
+38 050 333-65-46
+38 099 015-54-98

Monday-Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday, Sunday: upon request

01001 Kiev, Ukraine

Arranging an introduction


Get your ticket, come to Kiev and start meeting girls!

That’s the ONLY way you can be successful!

I’ve been involved in this business for over 10 years by now, and worked out the best strategy that results in great number of marriages! We are proud to say that we are one of the oldest, reliable and successful agencies in Kiev and Ukraine.

Why? It’s simple!

We do not believe in letter writing, online chats and all that stuff.

Please do not be fooled, ladies in Kiev are busy – this is a big city that requires a lot of efforts to succeed – and normally they do not write 2 page letters daily to complete strangers talking about their sexy fantasies and falling in love with you through the letters. There’s no guarantee that you get letters from the lady – some professional male translator can be writing to you and milk you for money. Also, pics of the ladies are often stolen from the social networks such as Facebook, and it’s a great disappointment to find out that the girls you exchanged dozens of letters with simply doesn’t exist.

The world has changed – it has become much smaller – it’s absolutely safe and easy to travel to Ukraine, and only real meeting can tell you if there’s any potential in your relations.

Stop spending money on letters and chats!

Do it the right way!

We charge $100 for arranging a meeting with any lady from our website.

That’s a good option for those who learn about our agency after they come to Kiev –

It is the fastest way to have a date with a genuine nice Slavic girl.

We know all the ladies personally and will be able to recommend you whom to meet according to your preferences.

This is how it all works – you come to the office, we look through the picture catalogues together, and after you pick the girl we give her a call to tell her about you and see if she would be interested in meeting you.

We can take a pic of you to e-mail it to the girl, and in 5 minutes you know whether you have a date for tonight!

All you need is to start your search RIGHT NOW and see our photo album.

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