Wintertime holidays!

Hello guys!

The wintertime holidays are officially off!!!


Normally here in Ukraine we celebrate everything:) like:

25th of December - Christmas (Catholical one);

31st of December - 1st of January - New Year;

7th of January - Christmas (Orthodox one);

13th of January - Old New Year (yes, we have such holiday celebrating New Year by old calender style - do not ask, it is a ling story:)))


So today all the winter holidays (the big ones) are off and the country came back to work:)))

By the way we (in our office) work without any holidays as we consider that our work is a holiday by itself:)))


And using this opportunity to say a few words here I would like to wish you that this year will be filled with true love to warm your heart and light your way!


Yana Chobitok and the team



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