Your questions - our answers. April 2018



Hello guys! So we have decided to gather the most popular questions of the month (April) and answer them here (the questions from your letters or just the questions when you ask coming to our office).

After reviewing our mail box we have decided to publish just 10 questions and 10 answers (there are much more so let's start here:))


1/ When is the best time to visit?


Well, if you are coming to Kiev to meet a lady – any time is the best one:))) But sometimes we have the long weekends when many ladies are out of Kiev to visit their families which are in another towns, or go on vacation. So the beginning of May is such time – like 1st-10th of May; the end of May this year is also not the best time for visit Kiev (if the reason of your visit to find a wife) – 24th - 28th of May (26th of May we will have a football match here) – as there will be a lot of football fans (sometimes football fans can be crazy as everybody know watching some movies:)))) and the prices for accommodation are overrated for those days. Summertime has to be very good for visiting (we will have Independence day 24th of August and it can be long weekend as well so 23rd - 27th many ladies also can be our of Kiev). And my favorite season in Kiev is autumn – not hot, not cold, normally great weather – September and till the middle of October.

Welcome to Kiev any time you would like to visit us!



2/ “Hello Oksana, please advise when you are in Kiev as I would like to visit the office when you are here to assist me. Thanks.”


Those ones who were here before and know Oksana - they know that she likes to travel though she is full time working in the office but at the same time she is traveling as well…

So Oksana won't be in the office 23rd- 28th of May, 9th- 13th of June.

But it does not mean that the office is closed and noone is here – we have other managers who will be happy to assist you when you come.



3/ I am coming for the weekend. Do you work? Can we meet?


Yes, of course, if you are coming and set up the time and date in advance – we will be happy to come to the office on the weekend and communicate to you, or arrange the introductions.

Normally we do not work on the weekends (Sundays and Saturdays) but if we set it up in advance – it is not a problem to meet.

Of course when you are writing that you are coming on Saturday and want to meet we will reply “yes of course”. But when you are calling at 7:30pm on Saturday and tell - “I am at the airport now! Let's meet”. Well, do not be offended but it is not that notice we were talking about above...



4/ Shall I pay more if the transfer (from or to the airport) is early in the morning?


No, you should not – the price which is written at the web is the final price. It is even not necessary for the tips to the driver (though we know that about 90% do it which is very nice actually but not necessary))



5/ If I want to write a letter to the lady can I write there my personal contact details? Will you deliver them to the ladies?


Yes, of course, everything you are writing in the letters is delivered to the ladies.

Though we always recommend to come and meet without any previous communication and expectations. Like matchmaking service is much more effective than others.



6/ “If you could tell me a little more about the process, your services, and the girls (are they real or spam/fake postings) that would be incredibly helpful. Your site is the first one that seems legitimate and I hope that my first impression is correct. Thank you so much for your time.”


Matchmaking - arranging 5 meetings with the ladies you like when you are here in Kiev. To choose the ladies you send us the id numbers from our web site (those ones you liked), we send you our recommendations, we check who are interested to meet you (sending the ladies your general information and photos) and with those who are - arrange the meeting.

All the ladies who are at the web- we know all of them personally, they come to the office to register, we check their passports to be sure the true age, name and marital status; talk to them. And only when we see that they are really interested we register them at our web.



7/ Dialogue from the letters:

- I want to be sure that the ladies serious

- how can you be sure that someone is serious? what guarantees from us you need? please advise

- First their status

Second in their interview what they tell you

Third if they are willing to live with person from other country that is also older and doesnt know the language russian.


First their status - when the ladies come to register we check their marital status which is fixing in the local passport so we check it;
Second in their interview what they tell you - if the lady tells us that she is not interested to live abroad- we do not register her at our web as we work only with the foreigners and it;
Third if they are willing to live with person from other country that is also older and doesn't know the language russian - when we contact the lady and send her all the information we have (age, country etc) she decides if she is interested or not; those ones who are not interested - not interested; and the ladies who agreed to meet - they like your profile and this is the reason of the meeting.


8/ “I met a woman from Kiev on line. She asked me for xxxx dollars to get a visa to travel to the US to be with me. I want to make sure that this is not a scam. Can I use your services to ensure this is not a scam and arrange her travel to the US? Thanks so much!”

We can help with applying for the visa but we never guarantee the result (and actually noone can). And the result depends on the lady's situation (previous trips, good work and wage, maybe property etc). By helping with applying I mean: fill up the application on-line (together with the lady when she comes to our office), set up the day and time for the interview. And that is all we can do. The visa fee is 160usd (it is the tourist visa B1/B2) and for our help we charge 150usd. But as I wrote you above - there is no guarantee that she will get the visa... If it is ok, we can start (if the lady will agree as well).
PS - this is the official web site of the American consulate here in Ukraine for those ones who want to apply. I changed the setting for English language in case if you want to have a look. It is very helpful as many questions - many answers there.


9/ “How do I make a profile on your site?”

If you are asking about having your profile online at our web -we do not have men's profile published at our web (just online).
But if you want to use our services and meet the ladies from our web and have a kind of "cabinet" where you can save the information about the profiles you liked - you can do it by this link (the password has to be at least 8 symbols).


10/ “I would like to request interpreter service for Monday morning April 23 at 9 am...if possible… The lady is not from your agency”

Great! I will be there to translate on Monday at 9am (we charge 20 usd for one hour translation).








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